Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

It's a String Thing #79

Bei Adele gab es die neue Wochenaufgabe It's a String Thing #79 :-)
Als Muster standen ButtercupInapodPozer und Puf zur Auswahl.
Ich kannte Inapod und Puf nicht und fand sie beim Zeichnen ganz wunderbar. Werde ich bestimmt noch öfter einbauen :-)

Dieses Mal habe ich alle vier Muster in meiner Kachel verwendet, allerdings finde ich das Ergebnis auch etwas "wuselig"... ;-)


There was the new weekly challenge from Adele: It's a String Thing #79 :-)
The patterns for the challenge were ButtercupInapodPozer and Puf.
I didn't know Inapod and Puf before and I really liked to tangle them. I will probably use the patterns again :-)

This time I tried to tangle all four patterns in my tile, but I think the result is a little bit "woozily"... ;-)

Das Wetter hier ist Tag ein Tag aus grau in grau und daher habe ich mir die Sonne einfach gemalt ;-)
Dabei habe ich die Muster Pop-Cloud, Triadz, Onamato, Tropicana und Printemps verwendet.


The weather here is bleak day for day and so I decided to draw the sun :-)
I used the patterns Pop-Cloud, Triadz, Onamato, Tropicana und Printemps for this tile.


  1. Both are beautiful; I love the contrast is the first one.

  2. Both are beautiful; I love the contrast is the first one.

  3. "Woozily"? Hum... A new word! Tee! Hee! If "woozily" has a negative meaning, I disagree. It's a beautiful tile. I especially like how you made Pozer "come alive", as I found it to be the type of "Rose" I would make in 1st grade. I was disappointed when I first saw it. Wasn't sure how to make it interesting. Now you've made me want to work with it more. Beautiful tile.