Samstag, 4. April 2015

New to me Challenge #13

Bei Suzys Challenge That's New to me #13 sollte mindestens ein Muster gezeichnet werden mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben L, das man noch nie verwendet hat.

Ich habe die Muster LimpitzLilypads und Lotus Pods gewählt, die alle neu für mich waren.
Dazu habe ich noch Laced und Lazy Eights kombiniert, die ich schon kannte.


For Suzys Challenge That's New to me #13 we should use at least one pattern starting with the letter that we never tangled before.

I chose the new-to-me patterns LimpitzLilypads and Lotus Pods and combined them with Laced und Lazy Eights which I already knew.


  1. Very cute! You used some of my favorites!

  2. I really like this tile! The patterns "growing" from black are cool. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  3. This is so very lovely!! Maybe it is Laced that goes in and out of the paper - really holds it together :)

    My friend Carolien and I are starting a new weekly challenge you might like. It starts Wed. Details at

    ~ Diane Clancy