Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

Y-Z-A Challenge

Es gibt eine wöchentliche Alphabet Challenge, bei der es immer um Muster mit bestimmten Anfangsbuchstaben geht. Bisher habe ich es nicht geschafft teilzunehmen, aber gestern hatte ich Zeit und Lust, endlich mal einen Beitrag zu tanglen :-)

Diese Woche gab es Diane & Carolien's Weekly Challenge #9 - Tangle with Y-Z-A.
Ich habe mir dazu die Muster Yew-DeeYuma - Zedbra - AmoebaArundel ausgesucht :-)


Every week there is an Alphabet Challenge where you should use patterns with special initial letters. I just hadn't time to participate so far, but yesterday I had time and took delight in tangle a tile for it :-)

This week there was the challenge Diane & Carolien's Weekly Challenge #9 - Tangle with Y-Z-A.
I chose the patterns Yew-DeeYuma - Zedbra - AmoebaArundel :-)


  1. Very full and lots of interesting tangles to fill the tile done very beautifully. Sarah.

  2. Fabulous shading and your Yew-Dee is dee-lightful!

  3. This is very very pretty!! I LOVE LOVE the white space with the circles and lines in the middle - which one is that? It is so lovely!! Wonderful tile!! Thank you for joining us!! :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. This is beautiful, Sandra! I really like your choice of patterns and the way you drew them!